cecelia chapman : chapter 1 existential vacuum

Adapted from the poem by Lydia Lunch. Music written and composed by Globoscuro (Emiliano Pietrini) and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. With Brujita Gonzalez. Props Callalilly Finglas. Cecelia Chapman 2017.

The fourteen chapters of I Have Collected All the Writings of the Empire and Burnt Those Which Were of No Use are narrated by fourteen poets whose voices imagine a dark dystopian journey lit only by fires of dissent. Writings of the Empire is visualized by Cecelia Chapman, scouting further down the same path as her earlier collaboration with Marquardt, Drone Drama: Music for the Dead. 

Existential Vacuum, a poem by Lydia Lunch: 
'The mass neurotic triad of insufferable idiocy, infantile narcissism, and internet addiction has fostered a spiritual bankruptcy, an existential vacuum, a moral coma, a culture in crisis where all meaning has been leached from real life and replaced with Reality TV.

Kiss my ass Kim Kardasian, you overblown tool for having created a cult of celebrity devoid of talent and integrity whose only value is net worth generated by catering to the lowest common denominator.

A dumbed down society where everyone’s a star baby, circling around a galaxy formed by a black hole which centers around their own fucking asshole.

A nonstop circus side show littered with big titted half-wits pandering to dopey dicks as the theater of the ridiculous plays 24 hours a day…in perfect rotation, a pathetic ploy that pulls the brain dead public into spying on somebody else’s petty life…so that they can forget just how much they are being spied on and manipulated into becoming a victim of the surveillance state, a pawn in the game who willingly gives up their own privacy in order to play patsy on a public platform modeling their dirty laundry in an unending series of senseless selfies, while prattling off and babbling on about every petty detail of their self-obsessed existence thereby making it easier for Big Brother to track their every waking moment.'