Cecelia Chapman: Six prints from Club Limpopo, rhinos, poaching, desire, and violence

May 1st the last rhino in mozambique was poached. I found this out when I googled rhinoceros as Jeff Crouch suggested rhino poaching to follow the recent film HELPact about human extinction. But I decided to go forward with 6 prints now, the crisis imminent... China etc... has been buying rhinoceros horn for hundreds of years from the Limpopo and Mozambique area. Recently conservation rangers, local farmers, terrorists, fully armed roving bandits and revolutionary groups have been poaching for the horn worth more than gold and platinum. With vigilantes and Kenyan locals arming themselves to protect the beast. Rhino horn demand grows  with asian economies, the US bears the bulk of the actual trade.... 
REASONS and ?: 
1. You can cultivate a crash (a rhino herd) for their horns as they grow back. 
2. Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries. 
3. Rhino parties. 
4. Actually that last rhino wandered over into Mozambique from someplace else because the last rhino was killed a long time ago... 5. The print Bricolage came about as I wanted to assemble these prints quickly from internet images and jeff said, yep, bricolage. When I found my first image of Mozambique, brick makers being directed by a guy in a very white shirt, I knew I had my answer to half the question why? Once again I will say Mozambique is one of the world's poorest countries. 

With Jeff Crouch 2013


crocodile river

mrs. sawadogo

mrs. sawadogo checks into hotel limpopo

forward tee (high tea at club limpopo)

rhino party

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