so kanno - takahiro yamaguchi : asemic languages

asemic languages

by so kanno and takahiro yamaguchi

"Characters are a means of visual communication and recording a language. Civilizations throughout the world have created various characters, which convey their culture and history. This project focuses purely on the form of the characters rather than their meaning. The characters have been learned by artificial intelligence (AI) not for their meaning but for their shape and patterns. AI has created and drawn lines that look like characters but do not have any meaning.
This work was publicized at the international art festival “Aichi Triennale 2016”. It was implemented by collecting handwritten artist statement or description of work of an extremely international group of 10 participating artists. By learning handwriting with one writer in each language, artificial intelligence collected information on the shapes of each character system, as well the idiosyncrasies of each writer, of a AI, to possess a plotter.
The generated lines are written as if they meant something important, also look like trying to deceive." from: kanno.so